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Who We Are: MSolutions is a manufacturer and distributor of special needs products. We are a different special needs company in that our company has enlisted the aid of special needs folks, especially those with multiple sclerosis who test, evaluate and recommend all the products we offer. We ask our customers to be part of our company—suggest a product or idea to share!
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Our key contributor and adviser: Tami Wolfsen: “ I have had relapsing / remitting MS for 3 years. I am constantly looking for and trying new products to make my MS more manageable. When Bill Graessle with MSolutions approached me about helping him out by giving my honest  opinions I was thrilled.  His plan to manufacture, distribute and test products that are truly effective and helpful to folks with multiple sclerosis is certainly commendable. Something the MS community has been anxiously waiting for! I live in Goose Creek, South Carolina with my husband Bill, my two kids: Beth & Rob and my best friend Ogun.

Our President: William S Graessle: “I have been involved with developing, manufacturing and distributing value added products for over 25 years. Throughout my career I have emphasized listening to customers and providing outstanding products and services to meet their needs. I live in Hudson, Ohio with my patient and loving wife Rosemarie and my not so patient but still loving kids Billy, Jacob and Kristen.” 

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