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Kool Max Cold Pack Body Cooling systems

Carol Cetrino, Betaseron Champions of Courage, Vice Chairman, Adv. Board; West Paterson, NJ
“I use my Kool Max vest while cooking in the kitchen. Keeps me cool and cooking!”

Mrs. Eunice A. Norbut; Mesa, AZ
“I love the Polar Kool Max vest. I have had MS for many years and I love to Bowl. I now wear this vest while bowling and it works great”

Irv Gustal, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“This vest, the Polar KMV, is a life saver during hot weather!”

A. R., Chicago, IL

“I am a businessman with both MS and an intolerance to heat situations. My occupation often presents me the opportunity to play a round of golf with clients, which I love except for the fact that the heat considerably worsens my symptoms. I had searched previously for a cooling option that would allow me to play golf without overheating and one that would be somewhat unobtrusive (I frankly get tired of the questions and explanations!). I even asked my doctor without satisfaction and ultimate lycame to the realization that such a solution did not exist. Then I discovered the Polar Kool Max vest. This vest is lightweight and fits comfortably under my clothing. No one knows I am wearing it but me…and what's even more amazing is that it works! This vest totally minimizes the debilitating effect heat has on me.
I make a habit of not recommending products – not even a movie, however I have never felt so positive about a product. The Polar vest has made a huge difference for me when entertaining clients and changed my life.”

Charles Lacey, Akron, OH
"The Polar cooling vest really keeps me cool.  I now have a life outside my house!  The vest is comfortable and easy to wear."

Tami Wolfsen, Goose Creek, SC

"I have multiple sclerosis & since HOT weather is MS enemy #1, I have been on a "mission" for over 2 years trying to find ANYTHING that will enable me to keep my body temperature cooler so I can enjoy outdoor activities (or go outdoors at all!).  Finally, THIS IS IT!!! This one works!  You don't have to be soaking wet or carry a humongous fan around your neck! NO bells OR whistles. This great fitting (doesn't restrict arm movement), low profile, lightweight, non-offensive looking, one size really does fit all cooling vest is the answer. I love mine! Honestly, if you or someone you care about gets TOO hot - buy this VEST. You'll be SO glad you did!!!"

Polar Active Cooling Systems

Avigdor M. Weizmann, Hendersonville, NC

I am 39 years old and have Multiple Sclerosis. Eight years ago my condition made it impossible for me to continue my working life. Until recently one of the most difficult symptoms of my MS was intolerance to heat. I don't mean the usual summer heat, but also the winter heating months. I have found that if the temperature is over 70 degrees I become very fatigued, my vision worsens and my speech becomes difficult.

I had heard of "active and passive" cooling therapy as a non-drug treatment for these symptoms. I have had my "Soft-Ice" active cooling vest for several months now and honestly don't go a day without using it! The system is so easy to use just add water, some ice and turn it on. Instant relief! The amount of cooling can be adjusted easily and with the battery pack I can take it with me anywhere and be in total comfort.

To everyone who may suffer from heat intolerance, this is THE product that will help. I wholeheartedly recommend the "Soft-Ice" system from Polar Product, Inc. You have a great product and your customer service representatives are grade A+

Maria Coppock,

“I received my Polar Active cooling vest last year and I love it! It works great and I am able to do more activities now more than ever! And the battery pack gives me mobility.”

Evaporative Cooling Systems

Patricia L. Blake, RN, BSN, MSCN; Administrator Oak Clinic; Akron, OH

“The evaporative cooling hat and neck wrap are fantastic! I went kayaking recently with the temperature at 89 F. Despite my MS, I was comfortable & able to paddle for 2 hours. These wraps enable me to do the things I love without the incapacitating heat sensitivity”

Cooling Pillow Case

Kris Lankford, Gilmer, TX

"I was surprised at the pillows effectiveness, even at room temperature. A great product, thank you!"

Debbie McCormick, Akron, Ohio

"This Cooling Pillow helps me a lot with night hotness!"

Cooling Seat Pad

Cheryl, King of Prussia, PA

"I have the Polar Cooling Seat cushion and use it on my scooter. This cooling seat has truly improved my quality of life! I now can do things with the kids I could not before. Recently we visited the zoo and spent several hours there. By lunch, everyone else was wilting from the heat but my cooling seat kept me cool and feeling good. Great product!”

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