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"I was surprised at the pillows effectiveness, even at room temperature. A great product, thank you!"
Kris Lankford, Gilmer, TX

"The Polar Cooling pillow helps me alot with night hotness!"
Debbie McCormick, Akron, Ohio

Polar Soft Ice Cooling Pillow Case

Soft comfortable cooling for the
head & neck

Uses two methods of cooling! The Soft Ice cooling pack will absorb heat and then dissipate this heat back into the air producing a natural comfortable cooling effect. For extra cooling the pack may be placed in the freezer or refrigerator.
The pack always stays soft and flexible…even right out of the freezer!

#SIPC:  $24.50

Great for hot flashes, night sweats, people with MS
or anyone who just wants a cool comfortable sleep!

Cooling pillow case includes:

•   Standard size pillow case with a pocket for our 6” x 12” Soft Ice cooling pack.
•   Two 6” x 12” Soft Ice cooling packs (keep one for reserve!).
•   Two poly pockets to place the pack in when using the pack from the freezer 
     or refrigerator.

•   Soft Ice is non-toxic and stays soft and flexible right out of the freezer.

As featured in Curves Magazine "diane" Fall 2007
special section on "Your Hormone Survival Guide" Cool Hot Flashes
"Ice: Speaking of hot flashes, some women swear by keeping an ice pack bedside to cool middle-of-the-night flare-ups. One company ( has even developed a pillowcase with a soft cool pack tucked inside. Pretty ingenious, eh?

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