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Products to Assist with daily living

    Military Cooling Systems
   Vests, Neck Wraps and Head Gear
      Avoid the dibilitating effects of heat stress
 Polar FSS
Federal Supply Schedule FSS #797P-4536a
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Military Kits!
If you or your organization want to help our troops we will help too! Special volume kits bring the price down for our popular cooling neck bands, boonie caps, beanies and vests. We have worked with churches, service organizations and individuals in helping the troops.

Evaporative Cooling cools through the evaporation of water. Great option for low humidity climates. These garments are made using a polymer embedded fabric, which absorbs many times its weight in water when immersed. Just submerge the product in water for 1 to 3 minutes, give it a quick squeeze, and put it on. It will keep you cool for many hours.
Vests             Boonie Caps            Beanie Caps        Neck Bands

Kool Max Cold Pack Systems cool through the use of water based cooling packs that are frozen. These systems provide the highest cooling energy for the weight of any pack based cooling system. They do require access to a freezer!
Military Vests (Standard, w/Sleeves, w/Hydration)

Phase Change Cooling Systems are excellent options for cooling soldiers in the field. Polar's phase change systems set the standard for tough military reliability and effectiverness.
       Military Vests (Standard, w/Sleeves, w/Hydration)    Helmet Inserts

Polar Active Cooling Systems cool through the circulation of cold water through a series of tubes built into vests, seats and blankets. The highest level of personnal body cooling available. Used by surgeons in the OR, drivers and many other applications.
               Vest systems                      Seats and blankets

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