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Patricia L. Blake, RN, BSN, MSCN; Administrator Oak Clinic; Akron, OH

“The evaporative cooling hat and neck wrap are
fantastic! I went kayaking recently with the temperature
at 89 F. Despite my MS, I was comfortable & able to
paddle for 2 hours. These wraps enable me to do the
things I love without incapacitating heat sensitivity”

MSolutions Cooling Headgear
Evaporative Cooling hats, Kool Max Cooling Cold Pack head bands, Phase Change crown coolers and Active Cooling Headgear - we have your solution for cooling headgear!

Active Cooling Head Wrap: controlled cooling to the head by circulating cool water throughout the cap.

The head wrap may be worn over the eyes or above them.
Price: $359.00
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Evaporative Cooling
Bucket Hat
  w/ insert

Color: Navy Blue
Price: $11.50

Evaporative Cooling Garden Hat  w/ insert
Color: Khaki
Price: $15.00

Kool Max Cold Pack Cooling Head & Neck Wrap #KMNC

Extra set of packs: $9.00

Evaporative Cooling Military Boonie Cap
No insert, soak the entire hat, then lightly wring out.

Price: $36.99

Camo  Marine Brown

Evaporative Cooling
Military Beanie

Price: $11.99

Camo  Marine Brown

Evaporative Crown Cooler  Blue
Price: $6.45 

Phase Change Cold Pack Crown Cooler  Blue
Price: $22.50
including pack

Polar Outdoor Special
KMVZ Kool Max Vest and an
Evaporative Cooling Garden Hat
A Great Combination!

        $115.00 for both 
Sizes & color 
The system above with a KMV vest instead
KMV Extra Pack Set

KMVZ Extra Pack Set

Vest Size Charts

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