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Products to Assist with dailyliving

Vest SizeCharts

Patricia L. Blake, RN, BSN, MSCN; Administrator Oak Clinic; Akron, OH

“The evaporative cooling hat and neck wrap are
fantastic! I went kayaking recently with the temperature
at 89 F. Despite my MS, I was comfortable & able to
paddle for 2 hours. These wraps enable me to do the
things I love without incapacitating heat sensitivity”

Vest SizeCharts

MSolutions Evaporative Cooling Garments
These garmentsharness theCOOLING ENERGY that is produced when water
naturally evaporates. Our Evaporative Cooling Apparel is activatedby simply submersing it in water for 1 to 3 minutes, or until itreaches the desired level of hydration. Gently wring out excess waterand its ready to wear. Once activated, the garments will provide hoursof cooling relief

BestValue! Evaporative Cooling Kits
Kits include:

1 Cooling Vest  - Blueor Khaki (sizecharts)
1 Cooling Deluxe Neck Wrap - Blue
2 Cooling Wrist Wraps - Blue
1Cooling Hat of your choice!
Kit 1Vest, Neck Wrap, Wrist Wrap and with Cooling
Blue Baseball Cap
Vest Size &Color 

ball cap
Kit 2Vest, Neck Wrap, Wrist Wrap and with Cooling
Khaki Garden Hat
Vest Size &Color 

Kit 3Vest, Neck Wrap, Wrist Wrap and with Cooling
Blue Skull Cap
Vest Size &Color 

Kit 4Vest, Neck Wrap, Wrist Wrap and with Cooling
Blue Bucket Hat
Vest Size &Color 


EvaporativeCooling Vest     Price:$39.00



EvaporativeCooling Vest


Digital Army Green

Digital Marine Brown

CoolingDeluxe Neck Band - Velcro
Price: $8.90

CoolingNeck Band- Tie
BlueArmyDigital GreenMarineDigital Brown

EvaporativeCooling Wrist Wraps
One size withVelcroadjustment
Price: $5.75 per pair!
Color: Blue

EvaporativeCooling Garden Hat
Color: Khaki
Price: $18.50

EvaporativeCooling Bucket Hat
Color: Blue or Khaki
Price: $11.50

EvaporativeCooling Baseball Cap Blue     Price: $15.00

EvaporativeCooling Crown Cooler  Blue
Price: $6.45 

Evaporative Cooling
Skull Cap

Blue, Army Digital Green , Marine Digital Brown
Price: $11.50

Polar Outdoor Special
KMVZ Kool MaxVest and an
Evaporative Cooling Garden Hat
A GreatCombination!

        $129.95 for both  
Sizes& color 
The system above with a KMV vest instead
KMV ExtraPack Set

KMVZExtra Pack Set

Vest Size Charts

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