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Natural, Drug Free Pain Relief!

Hot Flashes & Menopause!
Polar Products can help!

Anytime, night or day! We all know when we get our hot flashes, get relief fast and where you need it!

Polar Soft Ice Cooling Pillow Case

Soft comfortable cooling for the
head & neck

Uses two methods of cooling! The Soft Ice cooling pack will absorb heat and then dissipate this heat back into the air producing a natural comfortable cooling effect. For extra cooling the pack may be placed in the freezer or refrigerator.
The pack always stays soft and flexible…even right out of the freezer!

#SIPC:  $24.95

Great for hot flashes, night sweats, people with MS
or anyone who just wants a cool comfortable sleep!

Cooling pillow case includes:

•    Standard size pillow case with a pocket for our 6” x 12” Soft Ice cooling pack
•    Two 6” x 12” Soft Ice cooling packs (keep one for reserve!)
•    A poly pocket to place the pack in when using the pack from the freezer or

•    Soft Ice is non-toxic and stays soft and flexible right out of the freezer

As featured in Curves Magazine "diane" Fall 2007
special section on "Your Hormone Survival Guide" Cool Hot Flashes
"Ice: Speaking of hot flashes, some women swear by keeping an ice pack bedside to cool middle-of-the-night flare-ups. One company ( has even developed a pillowcase with a soft cool pack tucked inside. Pretty ingenious, eh?

Polar Body Cooling Systems
Body Cooling products that will increase your comfort and lower your body temperature.

Evaporative Cooling, light weight and effective!
Our evaporative cooling apparel is activated by simply submersing in water for 1 to 3 minutes, or until it reaches the desired level of hydration. Gently wring out excess water and its ready to wear. Once activated, the garments will provide hours of cooling relief

Evaporative Cooling Garden Hat
Color: Khaki
Price: $15.00

Evaporative Cooling Bucket Hat
Color: Blue
Price: $11.50

Evaporative Cooling Baseball Cap Blue     Price: $10.50
Evaporative Cooling
Skull Cap
Price: $11.50

Soft Ice Cold Pack Systems provide comfortable body cooling!
Reusable non-toxic Soft Ice packs stay soft and flexible even right out of the freezer. These wraps will provide immediate relief! Extend their cooling by purchasing an extra set of packs to store in the freezer ready to use!

# NCEX Cool Collar Neck & Upper Spine Wrap

Wrap includes 3 segmented 3" x 6" neck packs


Wrap includes one 4.5" x 8" upper spine pack
Our cooling neck and upper spine collar cools both the upper spine and the key arteries of the neck.
$34.95 each
Extra set of packs including 3 segmented 3" x 6" Kool Max packs and one 4.5" x 8" Kool Max pack.: $15.00
Soft Ice Cooling Neck & Head Wrap #NC
Wrap drapes around the neck or the head and is held in place with hook & loop tabs.  
Extra set of packs: $7.50

Hot Flash Cooling Kits Excellent Value!

Kit 1 Polar

           Cooling Pillow Case
                  with extra pack

Polar Cooling Neck & Head Wrap with extra pack set.
Price: $45.00
(a 20% savings!)
Kit 2 (add a cooling hat!)

Polar Cooling Pillow Case plus  Polar Cooling Neck & Head Wrap plus the cooling hat of your choice.
Price: $55.00
(a 15% savings!)

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