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"I have the Polar Cooling Seat cushion and use it on my scooter. This cooling seat has truly improved my quality of life! I now can do things with the kids I could not before. Recently we visited the zoo and spent several hours there. By lunch, everyone else was wilting from the heat but my cooling seat kept me cool and feeling good. Great product!”

Cheryl, King of Prussia, PA
Polar Cooling Seat & Seat Back  

Our Cooling Cushion provides multiple
levels of cooling -  pick the right  one for you!  The cushion has one side with double
insulation for comfort and mild long lasting cooling; the other side has one layer of insulation for maximum cooling.

Wheel Chair Seat or Seat Back Cooling

KMVS $49.50

Directions: The Cool Seat includes 4 special cold packs that fit in insulated pockets built into the cushion. Simply remove the cold packs and place in the freezer until frozen or in the refrigerator until cold. The Cool Seat will provide up to 2.5 hours of cooling. Adjustable velcro straps at each corner will attach to your chair or seat and keep the cool seat in place. The Cool Seat measures 14" x 16" and will fit most wheel chairs.

Great for wheel chairs, car seats, desk chairs and much more!

Excellent value! Add an extra set of packs for just $25.00

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